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NeuStadt is an entity that provides expertise and knowledge related to urban development.

NeuStadt carries out missions to accompany urban development projects, real estate developments and the development of public spaces.

The services provided by NeuStadt are based on a broad knowledge of projects developed in Belgian cities.

This broad knowledge allows to put projects into perspective and to enrich them at the same time.

The services provided by NeuStadt are also based on the expertise acquired through missions carried out for the following entities :

Beliris, BPI Urban Shapers, Brussels Airport Company, Citydev, ERIGES, IGRETEC, JCX, Municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Municipality of Schaerbeek, Municipality of Ixelles, Municipality of Li├Ęge, Municipality of Tournai, Municipality of Brussels,, Port of Charleroi, Port of Brussels, REVIVE, SAU, Spaque, SPI+, Solvay, STIB,